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Anonym said: Hi! I know this isn't a question, and I'm sorry for that. I just wanted to let you know that you're an excellent cosplayer, and I admire your works! You've inspired me to try cosplaying! Stay awesome! :)

no no you don’t have to be sorry at all. I’m really glad that I could inspire you. cosplaying is great fun, I wish you the best! and thank you for your nice message, you are so sweet ♥


swiggity swooty look at that cutie!
(bury me in cute janes)

Jane | photographer

salmonini said: I just wanted to say that you're an awesome cosplayer that I really look up to! ^^ May I ask what materials you use for your horns?

thank you so much! I’m so flattered, you’re so cute ♥

my horns are made out of different materials. most are made out of papier mache. I use newspaper to make the first shape. then I put 8-10 layers of papier mache on it (wallpaper adhesive and thin tissues). some of my horns like kanayas or meenahs have a layer of liquid latex on them. this way the horns stay stable but are also super light. latex isn’t necessary, the horns are still very good without it. then acrylic paint and clear varnish, voila. and my horns for karkat are just made out of super light modelling clay :)


she’s a beautiful Heiress and I’m a silly fish Prince
…don’t take us too seriously! ahahahah

Eridan/Feferi at Riminicomix 2014
photo by adurnah-cosplay

I’ll be in Rome this week so I won’t be online here. see you guys on sunday♥

Anonym said: so, i really like how you do your troll teeth! i wanna be a vampire for halloween and remembered how ya made the teeth look sharp! erm.... how didja do it....???

I use tooth black for pointy teeth. check this post for more information :)


At the time I envisioned
That I’d be this celebrated leader
That glory would be ours

Jake for today :>

Jake - me